Breadcrumbs is a digital studio based in Ghent founded by Fred Lagast.

We focus on web and application development and want to help making the web filled with interesting, beautiful, special and inspiring spots.

We believe that every project needs a tailormade approach where the graphic design is as important as the technology that is used to build an application and vice versa.

We help artists and organisations in their communication and offer them a platform to present their work to the world via a digital screen.

Through the years we have had the pleasure to work with a wide variety of inspiring people and organisations. Some projects were very short and intense, others continue for years.

Clients include ARGOS, BKO/RAB, Brussels Art Institute, Clouds, DIFT, Els Dietvorst, Greentrack, Hannibal Books, IFB, KOPERGIETERY, KVS, LASSO, Orla Barry, P.A.R.T.S., Sluitertijd, Ultima Vez, Wim Vandekeybus and many more.

can be found

Wolterslaan 123
B-9040 Gent

BE 0859 316 565

+32 478 59 33 05


☞ Beware! Breadcrumbs is 50%

A selection of sites we published or helped publishing on the www:

C An online shop filled with beautiful books
C Porfolio website for RAAMWERK architects
C Website for ARGOS, center for audiovisual arts
C Website for P.A.R.T.S., school for contemporary dance
C Website for AntwerpPhoto, a new international photography biennial
C Website for Tim Peeters Architecten
P Online ticketing application
P A digital social platform where you can collect books & music
C Website for visual artist, filmmaker and shepherd Els Dietvorst
C Brussels Kunstenoverleg / Reseau des Arts à Bruxelles
C Website for the Irish artist Orla Barry
P An exercise in trying to look into the future by asking Google and Twitter the same question everyday: "What will happen tomorrow?"
P A collection of tweets expressing regret that have been shared with the world but haven't been acknowledged by the online community
C Website for international dancy company Ultima Vez
C A website for David Bruneel showcasing some of his amazing work
C The Black Lamb is an online film project by artist and filmmaker Els Dietvorst
C A place in Ghent, dedicated to drama, dance and music for young people
P Website & DVD for The Rabbit and the Teasel, a film by Els Dietvorst
C A personal website for Wim Vandekeybus showcasing his photographic work
P A site that's very hard to like, even if you really want to
P This website has only one simple request: "Please don't like it".
P An investigation into location based social networking